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Fashion, Travel, Entertainment. Vanitytours.com is the travel entertainment site offering several exciting options for a memorable travel experience in some of the worlds 'must see, must do, do tell" get aways for individuals or groups. A borderless society is what Vanitytours.com seeks to offer all it's clients. The Futurist traveler wants more in the experience and less in process to fit all popular destinations, relaxation and resolutions covered in each event. Feel free to contact us. Travel in Style...Style Your Travel!

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  • Fashion

    See the trends and be the trend
    Travel in Style...

    Form the airport runways to the fashion runways. Vogue jetting is always in style

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  • Nature&Wellness

    Spa/Wellness, medicine of the future
    The Powers of Spa/Wellness

    Natures call relaxes us from daily grinds to be the best preventive medicare.

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  • Love story

    Love ususlly needs a vacation
    The Honeymoon Affair, fall in Love Again

    Gets better with time but only time will tell how much better.

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  • Incentive Travels

    Incentive Travels are better than handshakes
    Get Rid of your employees

    Best way to recognize a excellence, a Bali Beach or bagels in the boardroom.

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